ClouDNS.NET – Free DNS hosting

ClouDNS.NET is new free dns hosting provider and offers:

Domain name servers in Europe and America

Free domain hosting

Unlimited records per domain

TTL management by records

Full DNS support for A, MX, CNAME, TXT and NS records

Supports every TLD

Simple web interface for easy administration

Works with all web hosting providers

99.993% web interface uptime

100% DNS uptime – our servers are in two several continents

All new members in march will received 1 month premium account and can manage unlimited domains!

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2 Responses to ClouDNS.NET – Free DNS hosting

  1. Добри says:

    Новата опция “Copy selected records to domain”, много ми харесва. Поздравления!

  2. JaG says:

    Скоро ще има и по-добри неща от това 😉

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